NTP Class, Minneapolis 2018

Nutritional therapy is a healing modality that uses properly-prepared, nutrient dense whole foods to restore the body’s ability to heal and bring the body systems back into balance. The Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) teaches and practices based on the belief that the health problems America and Westernized cultures face today are the result of poor-quality diets, toxicities, and excess stress. Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs) use their knowledge about whole foods nutrition, proper physiology, and disease, to provide customized recommendations and plans for people who want to optimize their health and well-being. NTA and its practitioners practice on the grounds of a concept known as bioindividuality – the idea that each person has a unique genetic, ancestral, and geographical makeup that contributes to determining their specific nutritional needs. There is no one-size-fits-all diet in nutritional therapy.

Despite the literal billions of dollars Americans spend on healthcare, they are sicker than ever. Doctors, Registered Dieticians, pharmacists, etc. are all well-trained and skilled individuals, but severely lack proper education about nutrition that hasn’t been corrupted by Big Food corporations. For example, one of the sponsors for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that certifies RDs, is Campbell Soup Company. Coca-Cola was one for many years, as well. One might imagine that these partnerships influence the guidelines healthcare professionals are taught to be best for patients. What is certain is processed foods have become the mainstay of the American diet. NTPs have no corporate interest in advising you to eat more eggs and leafy greens. You can trust that the NTA and its practitioners have your health in mind because they are not in the pockets of Big Food.

Even if the guidelines for proper nutrition were adequate, healthcare professionals that are most accessible like pharmacists and family doctors often don’t have the time to discuss nutrition in depth. NTPs fill the gap for clients and teach them how to allow their bodies to take care of themselves with real, delicious, good-for-you food. NTPs are well-versed in the minutia of physiological processes and fully capable of teaching clients how to fuel their bodies with proper nutrition for life.