Nutritional therapy is a holistic approach to health that uses the body’s innate intelligence, as well as your own account of symptoms and experiences to formulate nutrition recommendations tailored to you. Each body has the ability and intuition to heal itself with proper support. Health problems that plague modern society are brought on by a combination of poor diet and environmental stress that weakens the body’s physiologic foundations. Nutritional therapy practitioners (NTPs) are specifically and uniquely trained to assess those weaknesses, then address them with targeted nutrition and supplementation when it is needed.

Nutritional therapists use the power of a properly-prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods diet to reverse the negative effects of the modern food system on their clients. This service is beneficial for everyone, but may be particularly appropriate for those who struggle with hormonal symptoms, weight loss, autoimmune disease, or digestive issues. All of the body’s systems are connected, and an NTP can help you trace your most burdensome symptom back to its root cause.

Amber is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Doctor of Pharmacy candidate. Dual training in the holistic realm as well as the conventional medical model has provided her a unique perspective that allows her to tailor your nutrition recommendations to your medical history and medication regimen. Amber believes it takes a team of healthcare professionals to optimize health, and she is able to bridge the gap for you between the medical world and the holistic approach you seek.